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SEO for CMS Website Design WordPress

Critical SEO Steps for your new CMS Website Design on WordPress

Search Engine Optimization for your CMS Website Design based on WordPress is not really hard but there are some things you should keep in mind when starting out or your site will be dead before it hits the race track!

Before you start CMS Website Design on WordPress:

1. Update Services ie. Pings
Most people make the HUGE mistake of not… Continue reading

How to Choose a CMS Website Designer

Not as simple as grabbing the first CMS Website Designer with the lowest price!

I will cover a couple easy-to-spot clues to help you out …. and keep you from getting ripped off.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read This! We see this stuff Everyday and worse… we hear from people who were Scammed and lost $100s even $1000s! If you are looking for the Lowest Cost CMS Web Designer you could… Continue reading

Domain Name Flipping

Discover 3 Effective Domain Flipping Ideas To Increase Your Bottom Line

All domain flippers know that the right domain name is incredibly valuable because with the right name you can make tons of money especially if you buy and sell at just the right times. In this article we will go into some domain flipping tips that you can use to really make some money.

1) Staying alert is incredibly important for… Continue reading

Do You Really Own Your Domain Name?

Whether you have a website already or are just starting the process of setting up your CMS Website Design there is a Nasty little Scam you should know about that could cost you $1000s!

Worried now? I hate to say it but…… you should be.

Let me explain with a little story,

About once a week we get a phone call from a potential client saying “I need my website rebuilt,… Continue reading

CMS Website Design Outsourced?

Did you know that many of the Website Design companies offering you “CMS Website Design” are not even in the USA or Canada? But actually places like India?


What does this mean to you and your CMS Website Design Project?

Though creative people live everywhere in the world, when it comes to your CMS Website Design project there are some things to keep in mind:

You’ll need Live Phone support… Continue reading

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"I have used for over 10 years, Don has built incredible web sites for me but more important is to mention he builds web sites that get results. I would never use another web design company and I highly recommend them."
Robin Lehmann

"Don is the computer expert, not me. I hate computers. I'd be lost without Don doing the websites."
S. Bainbridge BainbridgeNewsPhotos

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