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CMS Web Design & Convert to CMS Web Design Prices

The price of cms website design completely depends on your needs. We respect your Budget and will stay within it!

Chart below will give you a General idea, you want to call us for an Exact Quote!

Need More Pages? No Problem! Our Custom CMS Websites can handle upto at least 600 pages & 5,000 Posts! Just give us a call for a Free Quote.

Cost of a CMS Web Design


Below are all the ways LeadWebDesigners will save you Money

Types of CMS Website Design

When considering the cost of cms web design you should keep in mind what your needs are. Are you going to need eCommerce or an Informational site?

The Cost of a CMS Web Design for an Informational website will be lower because it’s simply content whereas the cost of a cms website design for eCommerce will be more due to needing a Shopping Cart installed and will have extra long term costs such as management of products, whether you will learn the CMS controls for the adding and removing products or if you plan to pay a designer to handle that.

2 Tips below will show you how to Lower your Cost of a CMS Web Design

eCommerce CMS Website Design
The lowest cost of a CMS Website Design for eCommerce will be if your products do not change, the more frequently they change the higher your cost in either your time or hiring a Designer.

Informational CMS Website Design
The lowest cost of a cms web design for an Informational website is to purchase less pages from the Designer with the expectation of adding more yourself! Adding pages yourself is one of the Easiest parts of a CMS website because it requires just a few minutes. We often tell new clients that it will take them longer to decide what the Page will say than it will take to make it!

CMS Website Designer Hourly Fee

Website Designers charging an Hourly fee seems logical at first look, but on closer examination it becomes obvious why they should be avoided!

Most Website Designers don’t clock in and out like a normal job, especially Freelance Designers! At LeadWebDesigners the web designers are paid per project completed, and a project isn’t completed until the client is happy. This Guarantees a Quality product and Service at the lowest Price.

Website Designers paid hourly have NO motivation to get your project done in a TIMELY manner, longer they take the more they can charge You. For all you know they could be watching TV and eating popcorn while you are paying them.

Editing a CMS Website Design

In the past, HTML websites had to be edited by a Designer with html experience, it could not be done any other way which Forced Customers to continuously Pay a Website Designer to edit their website or add/remove pages.

The term “CMS” means Content Management System, in our case it’s the hugely popular WordPress core that makes Editing content so much easier and allows Clients to do it themselves without HTML knowledge! This alone can drastically lower the long term cost of your cms web design.

Hosting a CMS Website Design

CMS Websites tend to cost more to Host simply because there is no longer the limitations placed on clients by of the lack of HTML Experience, Clients can easily Add Content and Photos to their cms website anytime. We frequently see new clients start with a 12 page website and within months THEY’VE developed it into a 20+ page website with 100s even 1000s of Posts and Galleries once they see how easy it is.

Unlike other Hosting companies We don’t penalize clients for their growth, WE see it as a sign of Success! At that point Clients start seeing their goals and potential so we have a conversation about how to maintain that growth and how that will affect the costs such as how much Hosting space and Bandwidth their website requires and will require down the road.

We include premium Hosting FREE the first year so clients have time to get used to their new Freedom and start developing a plan for the future. When clients start working with their new CMS Website they quickly see how Boxed-in they were with their old “solution”.

Search Engine Optimization of a CMS Website Design

At the Chewey Center of our CMS Website Designs is the Search Engine Optimized WordPress Core then we Optimize the Design as we build and install the new Design, then we show you how it works and how to maintain it with super simple rules to follow when adding new content while the Design keeps an eye on you, always adjusting it’s optimizations.

Understanding this process insures you don’t Pay some company later to perform “SEO” on your website. THAT lowers the cost of your cms website design. Specially since Some companies charge as much as $1,000 PER MONTH for the EXACT same thing! Insane?

Advertisng a CMS Website Design

Since about mid 2009 search engines like Google started Ranking CSS websites (CMS Website Design) Better than HTML websites. With Higher ORGANIC Search Engine Rankings it lowers the advertising cost of your cms website. This means Less or No PPC costs. It also connects you more directly with Social Networks.

Domain Names for Your CMS Website Design

Though a small cost, your Domain Name is required. This should run you Under $20 Per Year, with Godaddy running under $8 per year on average so it should be considered as part of your CMS Web Design costs.

Maintenance of CMS Website Design

Our CMS Website Designs are ment for clients to edit and maintain themselves but sometimes clients just don’t have TIME and we understand that! We can give you time though with our Maintanence Plans which are based on your needs, on Average we charge $220 per Year, for 2 hours per month of Content/Post editing/posting. This actually LOWERS the cost of your cms web design because YOUR time is worth More doing something else…like running your business.

As a side note here… You wonder about just 2 hours a month? We’ve found this is more than enough for the average client because of our website design experience we can get a LOT done in those 2 hours.

Support for CMS Website Design

In this age where “Support” is either outsourced or Charged for (or BOTH) our FREE Life-Time USA based Support tends to be a shock to new clients. This not only lowers the cost of your cms web design but also gives you Confidence to do more yourself knowing we’ve got your back!

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"I have used for over 10 years, Don has built incredible web sites for me but more important is to mention he builds web sites that get results. I would never use another web design company and I highly recommend them."
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"Don is the computer expert, not me. I hate computers. I'd be lost without Don doing the websites."
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