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How much does a CMS Web Design cost in 2014

Things to Avoid when figuring out the Cost of a CMS Web Design or Converting html to cms web design:

Avoid any Content Management System with Monthly fees
The best and Longest running CMS is WordPress and there are no monthly fees to use the program. Some Designers offer Maintenance Plans and those are ok if you don’t have the time to update the website yourself. If they are trying to charge you a monthly fee to Use the CMS then it’s NOT WordPress and you should avoid it. Privately created Content Management Systems can go out of business leaving you hanging.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer that offers anything Other than WordPress as the Core
There are a LOT of public and Privately created Content Management Systems out there but WordPress is the Oldest, most stable system available with frequent core updates to insure security.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer with Hourly fees
Any Good designer should know how much your Design will cost when they give you the Quote. Hourly fees are not a Motivation to completing a project. You don’t know how many of those hours were spent watching TV or doing their nails.

Avoid any CMS Web Design who require Full Payment upfront
It should always be Half Down then the last half once the project is complete AND YOU are Happy. The first half is to prove you are serious about the project and worth the Designer’s time in their schedule, the Last half is YOUR control to Insure you get exactly what you wanted.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer with Extra “SEO” Fees
Good Search Engine Optimization should be done AS THE SITE IS BUILT and should have been part of the Original Quote. So much of the Code needs to be structured correctly as part of the SEO process as well as installing and configuring the SEO plugins. Going back later to do SEO can raise the cost of your cms website design.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer that “includes” the purchase of a Domain Name
Whoever REGISTERS a Domain Name… Owns it. Period. If they Register it for you THEY Own it. We see this everyday where clients find out their Old Designer Owns Their Domain Name. Don’t be that guy! This WILL Raise your CMS Design Costs when you have to get a Lawyer to get ownership of Your Name back.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer offering “Free Domain Names”
Same as Above!

Avoid any CMS Web Designer that doesn’t offer 1 Year of Free Hosting
Good Designers already have Hosting setup and specially configured to run a CMS Web Design. It’s far easier and more Stable to start on their Hosting. It also means as an incentive they can offer you specials like 1 Year of free hosting which can really lower your Design Costs.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer without a Portfolio
NO Portfolio means they are either Very new and inexperienced OR they are Hiding something. You MUST see their Portfolio to see their style and maybe connect with their Past clients for Testimonials. An inexperienced CMS Designer can raise your costs as they make YOU pay for Them to learn.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer whose Portfolio shows Major Brands as Clients
“Don’t be Blinded by the Light” We’ve seen some “designers” who claim IBM, Microsoft, Sony and even Google in their Portfolio of Clients! Which IS NOT POSSIBLE. Large Brands have In-house Designers! Not some Freelancer offering you a Budget Site! The cost of CMS Website Design done by In-house designers easily tops $100,000.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer who is not in Your Country
Aside from the Very likely possibility of your money running away (and no legal way to get it back) you’ll also be lucky to get any Support at the time of day YOU need it. We all know Outsourcing doesn’t work specially for Support.

Avoid any CMS Web Designer who offers you FLASH Design
FLASH is outdated. It’s not viewable on more than Half the world’s Tablets. It doesn’t run well on lower end computers and Drastically slows page load times which LOWERS your Search Engine Rankings! To make it worse… Search Engines can’t read ANYTHING in FLASH, so you are wasting space AND time. Lot of CMS Designers will offer FLASH as an Upsell, it just raises your Design Costs and makes them more profit at your expense!

Avoid any CMS Web Designer who doesn’t offer to Train YOU to use it
Wordpress is very easy to use without any programming skills but your CMS Designer should offer to Train you to use it effectively, especially how to manage New content you put in yourself and how to Optimize it for the search engines. There is no reason to raise your costs of design by hiring someone else to train you.

In the end, CMS Web Design costs are low. Long term ROI is amazing with a life span of 5 to 10 years before you want to simply Update the Core. Rebuilding a CMS Web Design when your tired of the current design is low too because the Content and Design are separated, just lay a new design over the top!

For more no-obligation information give us a call! Even if you don’t plan to hire us we are happy to help you understand the process, pitfalls and the Cost of a CMS Website Design!

To see how rate scaling works visit our cms website design page where we have a Rate Card showing the general cost ranges.

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How much does a cms web design cost
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