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How much does a CMS Website Design Cost?

As you might imagine, we get asked this question a lot! The Cost of CMS Web Design will depend on several variables. Be sure to check out the (Tips) as you go along for even more information. Prices

1. Domain Name Registration (Tips)
You have 2 routes available, Register your preferred Domain Name at a reputable registrar such as for about $11 per year Or purchase a Pre-owned Domain Name through the secondary market at places like This second option can be very costly because it means someone else owns the name you want and you’ll need to negotiate a price with that owner.

Your CMS Website Designer should be able to help you brainstorm names and then walk you through the registration process. BUT be sure to read our previous article “Do You Really Own Your Domain Name

2. CMS Website Hosting (Tips)
There is often a wide range of pricing structures at this point making it hard for the average joe to decide what is right. Prices can range from $35 Per Year (what we charge) to 100’s a month depending on your needs. The “average” 5page website would fall into our $35 per year package but if you are planning a cms website design more than about 20 pages then you’ll need more space which costs more.

Your CMS Website Designer should already have a preferred hosting system ready for you. In our case our servers are specifically setup to increase the speeds of cms website design formats.

A Warning… there are some shabby cms website designers who’s business plan means making most of their income from the cms website hosting they offer you. If you think the Hosting price is to high be sure to get a second opinion from another website designer.

3CMS Web Design Cost. The CMS Website Design (Tips)
This is the process of designing and installing your CMS Website.

Price is NOT a good judge for the Skill Level of the cms website designer. We have seen some shockingly bad websites that someone paid $1000s for and some amazing cms websites that cost just a couple hundred. It’s good to keep in mind that you are paying for Time and Knowledge as well as Skill. In our experience the Better the CMS Website Designer the Faster the process is meaning a Lower cost. With over 20 years of website design experience our rates start in the mid 200s because we know the process and how to get the perfect cms website design you want Faster.

Much of your design cost will depend on what the cms website design needs to Do For You. Just a basic informational website giving visitors your “About us” “Our Services” “Contact Us” etc. tends to be the lowest cost but if you are going for a full on eCommerce cms website design costs will be higher and often depend on how many different products you’ll be selling and how much of the product installation you want to handle on your own through the Content Management System (CMS) again relating back to the Designer’s time spent entering the information.

To see how rate scaling works visit our cms website design page where we have a Rate Card showing the general cost ranges.

Read More about the cost of a CMS Website Design Part 2

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How much does a cms web design cost
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