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Responsive Web Design & Convert to CMS Web Design Prices

The price of custom website design completely depends on your needs. We respect your Budget and will stay within it! Chart below will give you a General idea, you’ll want to call us for an Exact Quote!

Need More Pages? No Problem! Our Custom designed Websites can handle at least 600 pages & 5,000 Posts! Just give our Designers (not salesmen) a call for a Free Quote.

6 pages
  • 6 Pages Custom Built
  • 2 eMail Accounts
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Whitehat SEO Optimized
  • Customized WordPress
  • 1yr. Search Submission
  • 1yr. Free Web Hosting*
  • Live USA Support
  • Mobile Responsive
18 pages
  • 18 Pages Custom Built
  • 10 eMail Accounts
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Whitehat SEO Optimized
  • Customized WordPress
  • 1yr. Search Submission
  • 1yr. Free Web Hosting*
  • Live USA Support
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Google XML SiteMap
  • Turbo Compression

Included Website Hosting

* All New Website builds automatically come with a free year of our premium website hosting! After the first year we bill you $89.95 Per Year (that’s only $7.49 mo.) at which time you may cancel and move your website or renew with us.

You are NOT REQUIRED to use our Hosting but your Hosting MUST be able to handle WordPress Databases! We are not able to make THAT hosting Free obviously and we will not be able to increase your server speeds!

Why Speed Matters

We include web hosting because our Servers are specifically set up to handle the database loads of WordPress and we want you to have the very best experience with your new website as well as the advantage of better Search Engine Rankings which are partially gauged by the Speed of your website load times. We are also able to better monitor your Website Uptimes and Security Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Faster Servers = Faster Websites = Better Search Engine Rankings!

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