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Randall Waibel

“I needed a full-featured e-commerce site. There are many companies offering inflated prices with minimal service. I was close to going that way (the way of the Dark Side). Then I discovered Don Robinson at...read more

Matt K.

“I contacted Don because of many issues with the structure of our old website. In addition, we were struggling to be found by search engines. We knew we wanted to use WordPress as a CMS...read more

L. Boling

“When it comes to building websites, I’m 100 percent totally lost. I never had a personal website until I met LeadWedDesigners. After talking with them about building one, they got it done and connected it...read more

Mike Boston

“LeadWebDesigners did an awesome job, they built the site, and made sure I was happy with everything, Don walked me through the entire design process and made sure I was happy every step of the...read more

Chris Sulivan

"Marsha, how did we survive so long without you! To “survive” is stupid now that I see we can actually be Successful Online! Just Getting BY? Can’t beleive I thought that was OK! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"

Robin Lehman

"I have used Leadwebdesigners.com for over 10 years, Don has built incredible web sites for me (9) but more important is to mention he builds web sites that get results. I would never use another...read more

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